ROW Information

When a pipeline company plans an expansion, it sometimes is necessary to obtain rights-of-way on privately owned lands. Eastern Shore prefers to utilize state highway or road rights-of-way – new ground disturbances are minimized, disruption to landowners is minimized, and it is also generally more cost effective. Occasionally, however, Eastern Shore does have to obtain rights-of-way (either permanent or temporary) on private lands.

Eastern Shore is required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to notify all landowners within a certain proximity to the construction of a project, regardless if that landowner will realize any impact resulting from construction or not. If you receive a landowner notification letter from Eastern Shore, please carefully read it over and contact Eastern Shore for more information on the project. (click here for a sample landowner notification letter for a project utilizing state right-of-way and the FERC’s prior notice process)

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