How to Get More Information

There are various ways that landowners and interested parties can find out additional information about the 2017 Expansion Project. Eastern Shore will provide regular updates about the 2017 Expansion Project on this website (

A 24 hour toll free number, which is staffed by Eastern Shore representatives, has been established for landowner questions or concerns at 1-877-650-1257.

Between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., landowners may also directly contact the 2017 Expansion Project’s engineering manager at:

Mark C. Parker, P.E., Engineering Manager
Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company
1110 Forrest Avenue
Suite 201
Dover, DE 19904

The public may also view Eastern Shore’s submission of pre-filing documents to FERC throughout the pre-filing review process.

To see what information has been filed with the FERC regarding the 2017 Expansion Project, go to the FERC website at and use the “eLibrary” link. Select “General Search” from the eLibrary menu and enter the docket number (i.e., PF16-7-000) in the Docket Number field. Be sure you have selected an appropriate date range and follow the instructions (i.e., date range: 05/12/16 to the current date).

500 Energy Lane, Dover, DE 19901


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